Virtual UTMF165k START!

Thank you for registering for the “Virtual UTMF165k.”

The race is coming up, starting from Saturday 8 October.
Please run a total distance further than the distance category you entered for within the Race Period (10days).

You are free to run all at once or separately.
We hope you enjoy the race and wish you all the best to complete and receive the “Virtual UTMF Original badge”.

We wish all of our runners around the globe good luck in finishing the race!

Race day:Saturday 8 October ,2022-Monday 17 October, 2022 10days

Check List Virtual UTMF

–Race Rules–

-This is a virtual running event conducted using the TATTA app.

– You will be qualified a finisher when running data are uploaded to TATTA during the event period.
You need to run 165 km to complete the race.

-The event period for the UTMF165k is 10 days from 0:00:00 Saturday, October 8 to 23:59:59 Monday, October 17, 2022.

* All times are Japan Standard Time (JST).

– All activities recorded must be uploaded to TATTA during the period.

– “Running” and “trail running” are the only activities that can be accepted through TATTA for this event.
Please note that data of “cycling”, “walking,” or “hiking” are not accepted.
Even when distances are counted as “running” or “trail running,” distances that seem to be gained using a bicycle, car, train, or other types of vehicles will not be accepted.

– Manual input will not be accepted.

Precautions: Recommended operating environment

(Recommended versions for participants in events such as GPS-based virtual marathon)

iOS: 14.0 or higher
Android 8.0 or higher


There will be no rankings this year.
A finisher badge will be sent to the finishers of the race.


A Record Certificate will be available online.
(You will need to fill out the information yourself. This is only a template.)


1.You are free to choose your course. However, please keep in mind the situation of COVID-19 and mindfully choose an environment you can safely run in each country and region.

2.Please be sure to follow traffic rules and facility rules, such as manners at parks.

3.Please avoid running in groups. In cases that you will be running with multiple people, please be sure to keep enough distance.

4.Be sure to manage your health before starting the race, and in the case that you do not feel comfortable, stop running.

5.The organizer is not responsible for any injury, sickness, or accidents that happen upon participation in the race.
There is no applicable insurance, either.