The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023 LIVE STREAMING -The four-day live streaming is back again!

We are going to have the live streaming of both FUJI and KAI races for four days straight from Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23. The live streaming covers runners on the course and scenes from aid stations.

The MC will be Koichi Iwasa of with a special guest, trail runner Masatoshi Obara. Obara has participated in all eight races in Mt. Fuji and finished seven of them except for last year. In the all Mt. Fuji races he finished, he was among the top finishers. In 2019, he was the top Japanese runner to finish the race. We can call him the master of Mt. Fuji. This year, he agreed to join the live streaming to see the race from a different angle. Obara and Iwasa will together talk about the fascination of the FUJI and the Ultra Trail.

After top finishers of the FUJI reach the goal on April 22, the camera at the finish line will continue live streaming until the last runner reaches the goal.