The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023 KAI Runners Started at Fuji-Q Highland

The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023, an international trail running race at the foot of Mt. Fuji kicked off on Thursday, April 20. Runners of the KAI race category started at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest (Fujikawaguchiko Town and Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture) to run a total distance of 68.4 km and a cumulative elevation of 3,064 m. A total of 807 runners, including 158 female runners and 649 male runners from 30 countries and region is participating in this race.

The KAI race starts at Fuji-Q Highland, passes through Lake Yamanakako, Mt. Ishiwari, Mt. Shakushi, and Mt. Shimo and comes back to Fuji-Q Highland.