The FUJI starts at Fujisan Kodomo-no-Kuni this afternoon

To Mt. Tenshi for the first time in four years
-The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023The FUJI starts at Fujisan Kodomo-no-Kuni this afternoon -

An international trail running race, the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023 kicked off yesterday, Thursday, April 20. The FUJI race starts at Fujisan Kodomo-no-Kuni (Fuji City, Shizuoka) with 2,384 runners in total, including 332 female and 2,052 male runners from 30 countries and regions. They run a total distance of 164.7 km with a cumulative altitude gain of 6,452 m.

The FUJI runs clockwise around Mt. Fuji, passing by Lake Motosuko and Lake Kawaguchi, then turns around at Lake Yamanaka, passes Mt. Ishiwari and Mt. Shakushi, and reaches the goal at Fuji-Q Highland.

Live updates will be provided on “Ouen navi” and “Leader Board”.

Ouen navi

Leader Board

We are going to have the live streaming of both FUJI and KAI races for four days. The live streaming covers runners on the course and scenes from aid stations. (Available in Japanese and English).


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