Information about the course map and other information (Seven-Eleven Netprint)

Information on the official website has been updated.
Thank you for waiting for the release of the course map and other information.

Please download documents from the webpages below.

○ [Required at the racer check-in]
Racer Agreement & Health Condition Agreement Form

Fujisan Kodomo-no-kuni Runner’s Parking Pass (Start area of the FUJI)

○ [Required gear]
Detailed Course Map


 Altitude Map Time Table

Racer Information

We have registered the Detailed Course Map, a required gear, on Seven-Eleven Netprint.
You can now print the map using Multi-Copier at Seven-Eleven stores around Japan.
Please type in the reservation number correctly.

Expiration date and time: 23:59, April 20, 2023
Cost of color print: 100 for one side and 200 yen for both sides

1〜2pages  51084507
3〜4pages  34447746
5〜6pages  23646237
7〜8pages  95332516
9〜10pages 03775607
11page    21431312
12page    54055987

8〜9pages   37219672
10〜11pages 84565395
12page        54055987