The UTMF is participating in the Mt. Fuji Zero Waste Challenge Project advocated by the specified NPO – Fujisan Club –
which is working to protect and preserve the beautiful natural environment of Mt. Fuji.
This year, the UTMF is trying to realize “zero waste” at A3 MOTOSUKO in Minobu town.

① Serving food using reusable tableware and utensils
The disposable tableware used to serve courtesy food (yuba bowl) has been switched to reusable tableware.
Plastic spoons have been replaced by wooden spoons.
After use in the race, these spoons will be used as firewood at Motosuko Ikoinomori Camping Ground.

② At A3 MOTOSUKO no drinks in PET bottles will be supplied.

③ Composting of kitchen waste
Kitchen food waste generated at A3 MOTOSUKO Aid Station will be put into the compost bin installed there to be turned into compost.

Photo: Fujisan Zero Waste Challenge Project Cooperating partner: NGO Jun-namaken, Sustainable Lifestyle laboratory

Thank you for your cooperation.