We emailed information about how to check registration lottery results today.
(This email is NOT the notification of the lottery results. It is information on how to check the results.)

Please read the following procedure.
*If you have not received the above-mentioned email. Please go to your email system and check whether it is in the spam or junk email box.
(The email was sent from:  inquiry_en@runnetglobal.com)

(1) Lottery results
Please check your lottery result on My Page of RUNNET GLOBAL.
MyPage: https://runnetglobal.com/auth/userverifysmp.do?redirectURL=https://runnetglobal.com/entry/sign.do&referer=https%3A%2F%2Frunnetglobal.com%2Fentry%2Fruntes%2Fsmp%2Fplanracelist.do

※Please enter login ID and password to sign in.
※Please scroll down to the bottom of the screen(My Page) to find「List of entered races」-「List of entered lottery races」

●If you forgot login ID / password to sign in “My Page”, you can check it from the website.

(2) Race fee payment method
If you win the lottery, click on “Accepted (unpaid)” button in the status section, and then click on “Submit Payment” button in the payment status section.
Please confirm your entry information, and then proceed with the payment.

(3) Participation fee payment deadline
The payment deadline is Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
*Payments will NOT be accepted after the deadline under any circumstances.
*Failure to complete the payment before the deadline will result in the cancellation of both your lottery result and your eligibility to participate in the race.

●Cancellations, race category changes, transfers
Please be aware that once you’ve completed payment you can’t make changes to race categories or cancel the registration for any reason.
There are no entry fee refunds (full or partial).
The transfer of the right to participate in the race to another person is NOT allowed.

(4) Make a reservation for accommodation if you win the lottery.
If you drop out from the race, a sweeper bus will take you to Kawaguchiko sogo undo koen. Please note however that there is no area for resting or taking a nap at the park.
Racers may need accommodation if they happen to become injured or sick during the race. Make sure you reserve accommodation for the entire race period.

(5) Up until the UTMF 2020 race day, successfully registered racers will receive information via the email addresses they registered for the race.
Make sure you can receive emails sent from info-english@ultratrailmtfuji.com in your registered email address.