During the race, a very useful website called “Live Trail” will be available so that you can easily follow your racers. This website will provide information about a racer’s position (e.g. time at which a racer passes through an aid station) as well as ranking. You will also be able to check the following:

•Estimated arrival time into an aid station (based on the past pace, distance, cumulative altitude gain/loss, etc.)
•Overall and category race rankings and time
•Race course and aid station information
•List of racers you’ve saved as favorites (you need to set up an account in LiveTrail

■Preferred language
Select your preferred language from the upper top right “Language” buttons.
■Search for runners
You can easily search for runners using the search box in the upper left section by entering the racers bib number or name.
You can access LiveTrail from the following URL or QR code using your PC, tablet or smartphone.

■Smartphone App
A “LiveInfo” app is also available and can be downloaded from the following links: