The “Race Course Maps, Elevation map and Timetable” section has been updated.
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Detailed maps will be posted later.

The course is mostly the same from the last year, but three changes were made to the course and aid stations to improve the race operation and safety.

[1] The area around the start (Kodomo-no-kuni)
The start area is changed from the grassland zone of Kodomo-no-kuni to the temporary parking lot of Kodomo-no-kuni. The course is also changed accordingly.

[2] The area around A7, Yamanakako
The course was changed from the route that came from Mt. Ishiwari, went to Yamanakako, and again returned to Mt. Ishiwari to the route that started heading toward Yamanakako in front of Mt. Ishiwari.

[3] A9 Area near Fujiyoshida
A9 Fujiyoshida Aid Station was changed from Sasago Sports Square to Fuji Elementary School. The course was also changed accordingly.