1、UTMF2019 Awards Ceremony
The UTMF Awards ceremony will take place as planned on Sunday, April 28 from 9:30〜10:00 at Oike Kouen, Fuji-Kawaguchiko.

2、Shortened Race Courses
All racers who arrived into the A5 Katsuyama aid station by the 12:50 cutoff time will be considered race “finishers”.
The “shortened” race for which the racer will be considered a “finisher” will be based on the last aid station reached.
We are in the process of applying for ITRA points for each of these shortened races.
<Shortened Courses>
①MF_KATSUYAMA95k(Fujisan Kodomono-no-kuni ~ A5 Katsuyama 95km)
②MF_OSHINO114k(Fujisan Kodomono-no-kuni ~ A6 Oshino 114km)
③MF_YAMANAKAKO127k(Fujisan Kodomono-no-kuni ~ A7 Yamanakako 127km)
④MF_NIJYUMAGARI140k(Fujisan Kodomono-no-kuni ~ A8 Nijumagari 140km)
⑤MF_FUJIYOSHIDA154k(Fujisan Kodomono-no-kuni ~ A9 Fujiyoshida 154km)
⑥ Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji(UTMF)
*Results will be split out by course and announced at a later date (after May 8)

3、Finisher’s Vests
UTMF Finisher’s vests will be given to all of the above finishers①〜⑥
*Vests will be given out on Sun. April 28 between 9:00-12:00 at Oike Park. Please bring your racer bib.
For those who don’t have bib today or can’t come to finish area, we will send your vest at later date.