Thank you very much for participating in the Virtual UTMF2021.

All finishers of the Virtual UTMF2021 will receive six points that can be used to enter the UTMF for the next three races. This point is usable only at the UTMF. Terms and conditions are as follows.

Racers must have completed the Virtual UTMF2021 and submitted the finisher form by Thursday, May 6, 2021.
* The finisher form can be found in the email sent after completing the Virtual UTMF2021. Please note that the points will not be given if you do not submit the finisher form.

We are checking the Strava activity log of the finishers. Yet, we cannot check the activity if your activity log is not open to everyone. Please check your privacy setting and change it so that anyone can see your activity log during the period from May 1 to June 30, 2021.
If we cannot confirm your activity log, you will not receive the points.

[Future actions]
After checking the Strava activity log of all the finishers, we will post the Virtual UTMF2021 Finisher List (the list of people while will receive the points) on the UTMF website.
This list is for confirming finishers. Thus, the finishers will be listed in alphabetical order, not the finished time.

Please check the webpage below for detail about how to use the Strava app.
Strava Support Center