The UTMF 2021 Race T-shirts are currently in the process of being shipped to the registered UTMF 2021 racers. This is the “UTMF 2021 EXPLORE TEE” made by THE NORTH FACE, a special sponsor of the UTMF. It is made from polyester that is recycled from unneeded clothing collected at the UTMF 2019 venues and THE NORTH FACE stores.
The “EXPLORE SOURCE” is one of THE NORTH FACE’s eco-friendly initiatives, with the story that clothes that have completed someone’s adventure or challenge are recycled and connected to someone else’s adventure.
This year’s UTMF Race T-shirt was also developed as part of this EXPLORE SOURCE initiative. Unfortunately, the UTMF 2021 was cancelled for the second time after 2020, but let us not give in to this adversity, believe in a bright future, and go on to the next adventure. NEVER STOP EXPLORING.
Clothes that supported your adventures will be reborn to support someone else’s new adventures.
High altitude mountaineering at 8,000-meter mountains, 100-mile ultra trail race, first time mountain climbing or camping with family … Each piece of clothing is engraved with the excitement and emotion of that moment.
EXPLROE SOURCE is an initiative to recycle unneeded clothes and turn them into new clothes, which will become the buddies of someone else’s new adventures.
Most of the functional clothing we wear in the outdoor field is made of nylon and polyester, which are derived from petroleum fuels. By breaking down unneeded products and recycling them into new raw materials and practicing recycle-based manufacturing without relying on petroleum fuel, which is a limited raw material, we can turn what used to be discarded into resources whenever possible.