The T-shirt Recycling Project has started to recycle T-shirts,
which are washed frequently and tend to wear out quickly,
into new running T-shirts without degrading their functionality.

Used (or unused) race T-shirts will be collected at the T-shirt collection booth
at the start (KODOMO-NO-KUNI) and finish (KAWAGUCHIKO) venues.
The collected race T-shirts will be turned into the new UTMF 2020 participation T-shirts.

(Booth image)

*We will accept any T-shirts that have been distributed to racers
and runners as gifts in other trail running or marathon races regardless of manufacturer or brand.
*Please wash used T-shirts before turning them in. We cannot accept dirty or wet T-shirts.
*A special UTMF soft cup will be given as a gift to racers, supporters,
and spectators who turn in their T-shirts.
(This gift will be presented to the first 2,000 people who turn in their T-shirts.)
*In order for many people to participate in this event,
one THE NORTH FACE soft cup is given to each person regardless of how many T-shirts they turn in.

The UTMF 2019 T-shirts to be distributed to racers as gifts have been made from
recycled materials produced from collected PET bottles and polyester clothes.