The Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Race Committee (Izu City, Shizuoka, Japan – Overall Director Tsuyoshi Kaburaki) is going to announce the current standing of the UTMF2021 and race operation policy as of February 17, 2021 as follows.


(1) The current UTMF2021 status  
  We were planning to determine whether to hold the UTMF2021 in late February, as announced in the UTMF2021 COVID-19 Safety Policy. Yet, we changed the schedule to make the decision on March 17th.
  Please note that even after announcing our decision to hold the UTMF2021 on March 17, the race may later be canceled due to the effect of the spread of the COVID-19.

(2) Changes in racer eligibility, rules & regulations, and race policy
1. Change in the number of awards given to overall winners
– In our new award system, we will give awards to top ten male finishers and top ten female finishers, a change from top five female finishers.
2. Change in racer eligibility
– Racer eligibility is limited to racers living in Japan (no exception for guest racers)
3. Changes in rules & regulations
– Rule 8. Dropping out
No dropping out at water aid stations
– Rule 9. Gear & equipment
Racers must have at least two face masks that cover the nose and mouth to reduce the spread of droplets. Surgical masks are recommended, but if a racer prefers to wear a cloth mask, it must be at least double-layered. * NOT Allowed: Use of single-layer cloth masks including head wrap, neck gaiter, or bandana.
The mask must be an item that is designed to function as a “mask,” not for other purposes.

(3) Request for cooperation with race operation
1. No changing station at the Start Area
2. Reduced number of sleeping stations
– 7 sleeping stations in the UTMF2019 → 3 sleeping stations in the UTMF2021
– Locations of the sleeping stations: A3 Shojiko, A6 Yamanakako, and A8 Fujiyoshida
– No blanket is provided. Racers must use their own blankets.

3. No supporters or spectators
– Please do not come to the Start Area or along the course to support racers.
– Since Aid Stations will be off-limits to unauthorized people, friends, families, and supporters cannot enter Aid Stations or pick up racers who dropped out on the course or Aid stations.
– Players may be penalized if they are found to be receiving unauthorized support.

4. Strict limitations to areas where the aid staff and the press are allowed

Above information will be reflected in the UTMF2021 COVID-19 Safety Measures and Rules & Regulations, and updated versions will be posted on the official UTMF website.