The Supporter parking page has been updated for 2016.

Supporter parking information has been updated. Please check the following:

1.Supporters and spectators are NOT allowed at the W1 NARUSAWSA, A1 SHOJIKO, W2 TENSHI-NO-MORI, A4 FUJINOMIYA, W3 AWAKURA and A8 NIJU-MAGARI aid stations. There is no parking at these aid stations and the official shuttle buses will also not be stopping at these aid stations.

2.A2 MOTOSUKO aid station can be reached by shuttle bus, however supporters are not allowed to provide individual racer support here. Access by car is also not allowed as there are no parking spaces nearby and illegal parking along the roads is strictly forbidden.

3.Only the official shuttle bus can park at Sougen-no-kuni near the A5 KODOMO-NO-KUNI aid station. Supporters, spectators and volunteers must use the parking lot near the main entrance gate and take the shuttle bus from the main entrance parking lot to get to A5. The shuttle bus will leave every XX minutes from the main gate. There will also be a shuttle bus from A5 back to the parking lot.

4.Parking along the road near Ohike Kouen is strictly prohibited. Please park at the Fujihokuroku parking lot and take the free shuttle bus to/from Ohike Kouen.