“During this year’s UTMF and STY, we will be showing many official videos of the race on Facebook and You Tube.

– Follow the race leaders during the race through the live update videos which will be posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ultratrailmtfujiofficial
THE NORTH FACE Channel You Tube videos:https://www.youtube.com/user/THENORTHFACEjpn

Also this year, there will also be an official 2016 UTMF Special Movie titled “”Why do you participate in the UTMF?”” featuring interviews with 167 people participating in this 167km race.

– 2 years ago, official reporter and marathon addict, Hirofumi Ono finished the race while covering the race live. This year, he will be participating again and interviewing racers during the race. His goal – 167 interviews for 167km!
– His interview question – “”Why do you participate in the UTMF?”” He will be interviewing not only the runners but will also be talking to volunteers, staff and supporters to hear their thoughs and reasons for participating in this race.
– Of course, Hirofumi Ono will still have to complete the race within the 46 hour time limit. Will he be able to interview 167 people within this time limit? His progress will be aired on our official UTMF Facebook page as well as Hirofumi’s personal Twitter page (https://twitter.com/8ono?lang=ja). And if he successfully finishes – we’ll be including this special content in the official UTMF DVD coming out next spring!

The UTMF has put out an official DVD every year since 2013. This year, the “”UTMF 2015″” DVD will be available for sale at a special discount of 3200 yen (original price 3500 yen). The DVD’s will be available inside the “”Municipal City Booth”” located in Ohike Kouen. If you’re coming from overseas to race for the first time or if you still haven’t seen what this race is all about, we highly recommend you watch this exciting DVD!
Customers will receive a special eco-bag for purchases of 2 or more DVD’s.