A total of 27,761 runners in 146 countries and regions around the world participated in the Virtual UTMF 2021 and completed 26 laps around the earth, and among them, 2,758 runners completed 100-mile runs.
In light of the cancellation of the UTMF 2021 scheduled in April 2021, the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji Race Committee held the Virtual UTMF 2021, a challenge to run 100 miles (160 km) in a week using Strava, a social network app for athletes.
As a result of holding the event during the period including the scheduled race dates of the UTMF 2021, the number of participants increased significantly from the Virtual UTMF 2020 held in October 2020 (12,891 runners, total distance run 429,658 km). In 2021, 27,761 runners in 146 countries and regions around the world ran a total of 1,043,549 km, or approximately 26 laps around the earth.
Among them, 2,758 runners completed running 100 miles (160 km) in one week. Of these finishers, the majority, or 2,546 runners reside in Japan.
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<Results of the Virtual UTMF 2021>
Date of the event: April 19 to 25, 2021
Detail of the challenge: Complete 160 km of running in one week.
Gift for finishers: 1. Digital badge
        2. Right to purchase a real badge
(Free for finishers who were also registered runners of the real UTMF 2021)
        3. Right to receive UTMF points (equivalent of 6 ITRA points) which can be used to enter future UTMF races.
Comment from Tatsuo Chiba, the co-representative of the UTMF
Strava, which is used by athletes in more than 195 countries and regions and works with GPS watches and smartphones from a variety of manufacturers, is a perfect fit for the UTMF philosophy of “sharing the trail with all.” Immediately after we had made the decision to cancel the UTMF race, we sought ways to provide runners with an opportunity to share the UTMF experience as much as possible. We thus talked with Strava about holding the virtual event for the second time since last year. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the runners, much more than last year’s event, from all over the world who participated in this event despite the short preparation period.
Comment by Ms. Eri Mishima, Strava Japan Country Manager
This was the first time in Japan that runners who complete a Strava Challenge would earn points or a right to enter a future race. In particular, the timing of the virtual race coincided with the race dates of the canceled UTMF 2021, and the awarding of points was a benefit. These aspects created an affinity between the virtual race and the actual race and resulted in the high number of participants and finishers in Japan. While the actual UTMF race has the capacity of about 2,400 runners, much more runners participated in the Virtual UTMF 2021 and completed the challenge. This shows the strength and motivation of the UTMF and the 100-mile race communities.
What is Strava?
Strava has 180 employees, most of whom are based in San Francisco, with others in Denver, Colorado; Hanover, New Hampshire; and Bristol, England. The main business is to provide advanced subscription services for athletes. Strava’s mobile app and website are the central platform for connected fitness, a social networking site that brings together more than 82 million athletes from over 195 countries. The number of users in Japan has also increased by 2.5 times since its launch in Japan in 2018. Regardless of where you live, what sport you like, or what device you use, all athletes can get connected with Strava.
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