[For supporters at the UTMF]
The R-navi app indicates predicted current location of a racer based on the time recorded at the previous measurement point.
Therefore, an accurate prediction becomes difficult if a certain section has large altitude differences or when a racer suddenly slows down.
The predicted time to reach the first measurement point, “W AWAKURA” is also inaccurate.

Therefore, please use this app service remembering that the predicted time is based on an assumption that a racer is running at the same pace as the last measurement.
The UTMF aid stations are recording the in/out time of racers (the time when a racer arrives at the aid station and the time the racer leaves the aid station). Yet, the R-navi app only displays the arrival time at a specific aid station.

Please DO NOT go out to mountains to cheer for racers based on the predicted time on the R-navi app. The arrival of cold wave is expected during the race period, and going to mountains may result in serious accidents.

Please read the following RULES FOR SUPPORTERS and follow instructions during the UTMF.


UTMF × .finisher (finisher certificate on video)

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Your race track will be the only video in the world.

The “.finisher” is a special completion certificate for all runners participating in the race.

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