“Petzl Headlamp Stations will be available at the following locations.

・Start KODOMO-NO-KUNI Friday, April 27 10:00 -15:00 (UTMF/STY)
・A2 FUMOTO April 27 17:00 -April 28 0:00 (UTMF/STY)
・A6 OSHINO April 28 13:30-April 28 20:30 (UTMF)
・A7 YAMANAKAKO April 28 16:00 -April 29 0:30 (UTMF)

Please feel free to stop by if you run into any troubles with your headlamp (even if it’s not a Petzl headlamp). They will be there to assist you with your headlamp regardless of brand so that you can successfully complete the race!