Sales of the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2018 official DVD commenced November 1st on Amazon.jp.
The DVD provides coverage of the following three topics:
1) STY;
2) UTMF side A – showing the top runners in the men’s and women’s categories; and
3) UTMF side B – showing the exertions of runners in the general category
The DVD runs for 131 minutes and is a must-see for racers who participated in the UTMF 2018 as well as for those who are participating in the upcoming UTMF 2019.
Please note that the DVD is available only in Japanese, and that an overseas shipment fee applies to international shipments.

Following are the links to English and Chinese versions of NHK World Japan’s coverage of the UTMF 2018.
The videos are available anytime on NHK World Japan’s ‘Video on Demand’ until the end of June, 2019.
English version (English audio and subtitles):
Chinese version (English audio, Chinese subtitles):
The links to these videos are also posted on on the UTMF official website.