The UTMF 2020 registration period was closed on October 27.
Thank you very much for many entries.

We received the following number of entries.
(1) General category (selected through lottery)
General category entry for racers in Japan: 3,455
General category entry for overseas racers: 443 (maximum number: 800)
Total: 3,898

(2) Registration website for racers who completed the entire UTMF 2019 (165 km)
Priority registration for racers in Japan: 62
Priority registration for overseas racers: 3

(3) Entry with donation
Entry with donation for racers in Japan:80
Entry with donation for overseas racers:3

Total: 4,043

You will receive an email notification of how to check the lottery results on Tuesday, November 19th. (This is NOT the notification of lottery results. It is the information of how to check your lottery result.)
You can check the lottery results on My Page of RUNNET after noon of Tuesday, November 19th.