Dear runners, supporters, and volunteers of the UTMF,
This is finally the race week. Are you ready and excited?
This year’s race has some changes from last year including the timing of the race, the course and ways to provide support for runners. Race participants are already notified of these changes. This is the final reminder for you to check them again.

The entire staff of the UTMF is excited to see you at Mt. Fuji!
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, the chair of the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Race Committee

Precautions for the race

1. Passing
Runners often pass other runners or are passed by other runners on narrow trails. When you are passing other runners, cheerfully say something such as “Konnichiwa!” or “Hello!” before passing them. When you let other runners pass you by, stop for a moment and let them go. Select wide sections of a trail when you pass others or let others pass you by. NEVER step out of the designated trail in order to pass others!

2. The UTMF and STY courses separate during the race.
The UTMF and STY courses separate at two locations. The first separation point is at Hashita Pass (Hashita-touge), and the second point is Michi-no-Eki Katsuyama. The staff is checking race numbers at these points and may instruct runners to stop. Be sure to follow instructions.

3. Deviation from the course
Runners are responsible for staying within the designated course. Be sure to say on the designated course by checking maps and markings on the course. The course is marked with reflective signs at least every 100 meters. Even when you find yourself deviating from the course, you will be fine as long as you stay calm and go back to where you come from to the designated course.

4. Roads with traffic
Some parts of the course run along roads with traffic, and runners will be crossing roads at many locations. Be very careful with cars. When you cross a road without a pedestrian crossing, automobiles have the right of way. Do not jump into the road. Follow instructions of the race staff whenever they are available.

5. Clothes
The temperature fluctuations around Mt. Fuji can be very large in this time of the year. The temperature may be below 0°C in mountains at night and above 25°C in urban areas during daytime. Especially, be prepared for the cold weather. The race starts at noon and three in the afternoon when it is warm (or may be hot). Yet, do not forget that the temperature will drop to below 5°C when runners are in Tenshi Mountains at night.

6. Supporters
Race numbers are not given to supporters. The support zone is expected to become very crowded when many runners are arriving at the support zone. Share the support zone with other supporters. Be prepared and have sufficient meeting with runners before the race so that supporters can efficiently provide care using minimum amount of luggage and shortest time possible. Supporters are expected to move by estimating the arrival time of their runners using Runner’s Update and LIVETRAIL.

We hope that all runners, supporters, and volunteers participate in the race with the sense of sharing, caring, and gratitude so that everyone can enjoy the race and finish it with smiles. Thank you.