There will be 11 onsen hot springs facilities that will be welcoming UTMF/STY participants.
One of these hot springs “Kaiun-no-yu” located right near the UTMF/STY finish line will be open for 24 hours during the race!

A 200 yen discount will be given off the 800 yen admission price if you show your racer bib or for non-racers, your Gourmet Stamp Rally pamphlet.

Refer to the following link for a list of participating hot springs.
https://www.ultratrailmtfuji.com/2020/en/racers/course/(see the very bottom of this page)

Please be reminded that sleeping/napping at Kaiun-no-yu is not allowed.
Also after you finish the race, make sure to wash off any dirt on you at Ohike Kouen before going to the onsen baths.

Thank you for your full cooperation.