We are about to release the list of Virtual UTMF finishers to receive Virtual UTMF2021 points. This is the list of the Virtual UTMF2021 finishers who will receive 6 points which can be used for the entry of the next three UTMF races.

(as of June 17, 2021) Names on the list are sorted alphabetically.

The list contains names of racers who completed the Virtual UTMF2021 and submitted the finisher application form within the application period (from after completing the Virtual UTMF2021 to May 6, 2021) and had no problem with their activities.

Your names are not on the list if we were unable to check your activity page or if your running data were considered illegitimate. In that case, you will not receive the points.

If you would like us to make corrections, please send us an email containing the information below to
1. Registered Strava name
2. Name (kanji, if available) Example: 山田 太郎
3. Name (alphabet) Example: YAMADA TARO
4. Gender Example: Male or Female
5. Date of birth Example: 1990/06/01
6. Screen shots of Strava page containing the information below
– The Virtual UTMF2021 digital badge in the trophy case
– Running data conducted during the Virtual UTMF2021 race period (from April 19 to 25, 2021) in the activity page
* We only need the running data of the Virtual UTMF 2021.

We accept requests for corrections until Thursday, noon, June 24, 2021, JST.

Thank you.