The race date is approaching, and we expect that some runners are going out to the actual UTMF course for practice/training runs.

Unfortunately, we have been contacted by local residents around Asagiri Highlands about the use of private toilets by trail runners.
According to them, they often find runners who are using portable toilets located on private property,
and the frequency and number of such incidents have been increasing recently.

There are also reports about runners being in areas where practice/training runs are prohibited.
(Please find prohibited sections in the link below.)
Various items, including garbage, – which are presumably used and left behind by trail runners – have been found in these areas.

These incidents, if they continue, will likely result in problems arising with local residents.
They may start to question the manners and values of trail runners, and eventually oppose the UTMF as a whole.
We may not be able to have the UTMF in this area in a worst case scenario.
So please be advised.

Public restrooms around Asagiri Highlands are indicated with red in this map.
(Some restrooms may be closed during winter as water pipes freeze.)
Please do not use toilets other than ones indicated in the map.

This problem is not limited to the Asagiri Highlands area.
If you are going out on training runs, be prepared: consult maps of your practice/training run beforehand, and bring emergency/disposable toilets with you, etc.

Instructions and rules concerning practice/training runs are found here:
Please read them again. We appreciate your cooperation and good manners.