“Race registrations for the 2018 UTMF/STY starts on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 12:00 noon (Japan Standard Time).
Please note that starting from 2018, we will only be accepting as qualifying races, races that have received evaluations and assigned qualifying points by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA).

(1) You’ll need to enter the name of the race in English as shown on the ITRA website. Do not use abbreviations or write the name in Japanese characters as these will not be accepted. International Trail Running Association (ITRA) website: http://i-tra.org

○ Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2016
× ウルトラトレイル・マウントフジ2016
× UTMF2016

(2) In addition to the official race name (ITRA qualified race, written in English), you’ll also need to provide the date of the race (year, month, day), your race bib number and finish time. We recommend that you have this information ready beforehand.

・ Go to the ITRA (Runner’s) page below to check your race results.

・ Qualifying points for each race can be checked using the ITRA (Calendar) page below:

Please read the race rules and important reminders thoroughly before registering for the race.

Check the official race website regarding race registration.

Register from here:
※Entries are on a first come first serve basis.

You will receive priority registration if you placed in the top 100 in the men’s category or top 20 in the women’s category during the 2016 UTMF (5th edition).
・ The registration page for priority entries is different from regular entries.

(1) Priority registration for racers living in Japan

(2) Priority registration for racers coming from overseas (in English)
[Important Notes]
・ Refunds will not be provided if you don’t have priority right qualifications.
・ Only UTMF racers have priority registration this year. There is no priority registration for the STY as the race was canceled mid-race in 2016.
・ You must meet all racer qualifications for 2018 in order to register for the race.