About the priority entry for the UTMF2021 and 2022
Q. If I use my priority entry right for the UTMF2021 but the race is canceled due to some difficult circumstances, what will happen to my priority entry right?
A. We cannot give a definitive answer to this question at this point because it is difficult to foresee what will happen in the future. Yet, we are going to explore positive options such as shifting the priority entry right to 2022 and 2023.

Q. Can I enter the UTMF2021 through the regular (non-priority) entry without using my priority entry right for the UTMF2021 and saving it to enter for the UTMF2022?
A. No, such action is not allowed.

Q. When will the UTMF2022 outline be released?
A. The UTMF2022 outline release date is not yet determined at this point.

The number of racers accepted
Q. How many racers will be accepted through the donation-based entry?
A. About 4% of the general entry racers will be accepted as donation-based racers. The number will be announced after the number of racers accepted through the priority entry is determined.

Refund of the entry fee
Q. It is stated that there will be no refund if the UTMF2021 is canceled under any circumstances. Will there not be a partial refund like the UTMF2020?
A. The terms and conditions of the race state that there will be no partial or full refund. However, we have the precedence of giving partial refund after the cancellation of the UTMF2020 although the terms and conditions were the same. We may thus explore what we can do again in case of the cancellation.

Bus operation
Q. Will there be official bus service?
A. Yes, the UTMF official bus service will be available as follows.
 ● Fujikyu Travel Access Bus Tour (with fare/reservation required) 
  - Thursday, April 22, 2021: From various locations to registration stations
  - Friday, April 23, 2021: From the vicinity of registration stations to the start area
  - Sunday, April 25, 2021: From Finish area to various locations
* Combo plans including accommodation and bus service are also available.
 ● Free shuttle bus (no reservation required)
Thursday, April 22, Saturday, April 24, and Sunday, April 25, 2021
The bus goes around the finish area, Fujisan Parking, and Kawaguchiko Station.
 * There will be no supporter bus service, since personal/private support is not allowed in the UTMF2021.
* Please check the webpage on “Access” on the UTMF website. (As of October 16, 2020, the webpage is based on information up to the UTMF2020. The information will be updated once details are determined.)

Q. How many accommodations are available near Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni (start area)?
A. Accommodations in Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Fujikawaguchiko Town, and Gotemba City are available in the UTMF accommodation plan. The UTMF access tour that includes accommodation and bus service will also be available.
* Please check the webpages on “Tour” and “Access” in the UTMF website. (As of October 16, 2020, the webpage is based on information up to the UTMF2020. The information will be updated once details are determined.)

Mandatory equipment
Q. Is there any specification to the material of the mask to wear during the race?
A. There is no specification to the material of the mask as of October 13, 2020.

Aid stations and supplies
Q. Please provide sufficient amount of food at aid stations. It will be great if instant cup noodles are available.
A. We will explore every option to please racers. Having said that, please keep in mind that the preparation of the individual racers is also important.

Q. Is hot water served at aid stations?
A. Yes, hot water is served at each aid station. (No hot water is available at water stations.)

Q. Are racers allowed to use convenience stores and vending machines on the course?
A. Yes, racers are allowed to use convenience stores and vending machines on the course. However, racers are not allowed to leave the course or receive personal support on the course. Racers who violate these rules may become disqualified.

Dropping out of the race
Q. Is there a transportation for racers who drop out on the course?
A. As stated in the Race Rules & Regulations, dropping out of the race must be done at aid stations. If you foresee any difficulty in continuing the race, please do not go ahead and instead drop out at the nearest aid station. You may drop out of the race on the course ONLY if it is an emergency and/or if you get injured or become sick and become unable to move on your own. In such a case, please contact the emergency headquarters immediately for assistance.

Q. Is there a discount rate at Fujiyama Hot Spring?
A. We are sorry, no discount is available.

The Virtual UTMF
Q. Is the race period for the Virtual UTMF going to be changed or extended?
A. No. Since the race committee is on the tight schedule to prepare for the UTMF2021, there will be no change to the current race schedule for the Virtual UTMF.