The UTMF Organizer will distribute emergency information such as sudden course change during the race and changes in cutoff time via SMS (short text message service) to racers’ mobile phones, which is one of the mandatory equipment. This service is free of charge.

Please register your name, email address, and mobile phone number in the entry form below.
*Mobile phone numbers of racers are already registered based on the information provided upon race entry.
Thus, please complete the entry form if you wish to add a mobile phone number.
Also, please complete the form if you wish to change the mobile phone number from the one used for race entry. Please note that the phone number already registered for race entry would not be deleted even if a new phone number is added or changed.

People other than racers can also register their mobile phone numbers from the link below.


*Deadline for prior registration of mobile phone numbers: 23:59, April 23, JST.

After that, the race staff will register mobile phone numbers at racer check-in.