To the registered racers of the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2021

Detail about procedures following the cancellation of the UTMF2021

The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI Race Committee
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, Overall Director of the Race Committee

 First of all, we would like to express our sincere apologies once again for not being able to meet your expectations because of the cancellation of the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji 2021.
As announced on March 17, 2021, a portion of the UTMF2021 participation fee will be refunded as follows.


1. Partial refund to the UTMF2021 entry fee (not applicable to donation-based racers)
We will refund 9,500 yen per racer (10,000 yen minus 500 yen for bank transfer fee and administrative fee). This refund comes from the UTMF2021 registration fee we collected minus necessary expenses and administrative costs.
Upon your request we can refund this not as cash but as 10,000 points as RUNPO(*1).

* You need to select receiving the refund as RUNPO from the entry form you find in the email you receive. Please be sure to check your email and submit your response using the entry form.
Deadline: 23:59, Monday, April 26, 2021 (JST)
Please note that if we do not receive your response by the deadline, we will refund the money as RUNPO.

Details are as follows.

1. If you wish to receive the refund as cash
In the entry form, please select “cash refund” and provide bank account information. The URL to the entry form is found in the email sent to applicable UTMF2021 racers.
– Application period: until 23:59, Monday, April 26, 2021 (JST)
– Amount of refund: 9,500 yen (10,000 yen minus transfer fee and administrative fee)
– Refund method: Bank transfer
– Timing of the refund: Mid-May (subject to change)

2. If you wish to receive the refund as RUNPO(*1)
In the entry form, please select “RUNPO refund*”. The URL to the entry form is found in the email sent to applicable UTMF2021 racers.

*1: RUNPO is a “runner’s point” that a runner can use within the RUNNET website. One point is equivalent of one Japanese yen. The point can be used to enter races (RUNTES) and for online shopping at RUNNET Shop. RUNPO remains effective for three years including the year when the RUNPO is issued.
– Application period: until 23:59, Monday, April 26, 2021 (JST)
– Point to be refunded: 10,000 points
– How to check the point you receive
 The point will be refunded on May 31, 2021. Please check whether you received the point some time after June 1, 2021.
 You can check the point you receive in the RUNNET My Page History.
– When you can confirm the refunded point: After June 1, 2021
– Expiration date of the refunded RUNPO: December 31, 2024

▼ To check History
▼ Inquiry about RUNPO

2. Donation-based racers (registered donation-based racers in the UTMF2020 and UTMF2021)
There will be no partial refund to the paid entry fee.
Entry fee for the next UTMF race (up to the UTMF2023) will be waived to applicable donation-based racers.

3. Priority registration right
– All the registered UTMF2021 racers (except for donation-based racers) will receive the priority entry right for the UTMF2022 or later races (registration fee required).
– As a special provision, the priority entry right will remain effective even when a racer loses their racer qualification.
(Up to the UTMF2023)
* Details will be announced on a later date.

4. Shipment of the UTMF racer T-shirt (made by THE NORTH FACE)
The UTMF racer T-shirt is going to be shipped to applicable racers by the end of June 2021.
* If you wish to change the shipping address from the registered address, please contact us via email by the end of May.

5. The Virtual UTMF2021 and the Virtual UTMF2021 Segment Challenge

(1) About the Virtual UTMF2021
The Virtual UTMF2021 will be held from Monday, April 19 to Sunday, April 25, 2021.
Anyone, including non-UTMF racers, can participate in this event.
We recommend that racers participate in this event within their own regions in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. If you go to other regions to participate in this event, be sure to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines (such as travel restrictions beyond prefectural boundaries) issued by the national government and applicable local governments.
In the announcement on March 17, we said that we would release the UTMF practice run map. Yet, we decided not to do so because of the COVID-19 situation that is getting worse and to reduce the flow of people to the UTMF area. We apologize for the change but appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please see below for details about the Virtual UTMF2021.
2. The Virtual UTMF2021 Segment Challenge
We decided to postpone the Virtual UTMF2021 Segment Challenge because of the exacerbating COVID-19 situation and in order to reduce the flow of people to the UTMF area. We have not decided when to hold the Virtual UTMF2021 Segment Challenge.
We understand that many of you have been looking forward to it. We apologize for the postponement but appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

6. Guru-Rally Gift Exchange
The UTMF Fujisan Gururi Rally 2020-2021 (Gru-Rally)
In this event, participants use attractive stores which support the UTMF in 11 municipalities around Mt. Fuji (Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Minobu Town, Narusawa Village, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Fujiyoshida City, Oshino Village, Yamanakako Village, Oyama Village, Gotemba City, and Susono City) and collect stickers. They can then exchange the stickers for original UTMF gifts.
– Number sticker hand-out period: Until Sunday, April 25, 2021
– Gift: Original UTMF badge (for 9 or more stickers) and original towel (for 15 or more stickers)

Please refer to the Gift Exchange Guideline for detail about the gift exchange.

7. About the UTMF2022
We will continue to observe situations to hold the UTMF2022 in late April, 2022.
The schedule for releasing the UTMF2022 race overview is yet to be determined.

Contact information
ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI Race Headquarters
Business hours: Weekdays, 10:00 to 18:00
Email: info-english@ultratrailmtfuji.com