The Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji has grown to become an international trail running race thanks to the support of all the racers coming from around the world, our sponsors, supporters, organizations and volunteers. The UTMF is now considered to be one of the representative races in Asia and is also a member of the “Ultra-Trail World” Tour series.

In order to put on this unique race that takes racers along the trails around the perimeter of Mt. Fuji all day and throughout the night, we had to overcome many challenges every year. The first three editions were held during the spring and the last two editions (editions 4 and 5) was moved to the month of September in order avoid the risk associated with the cold night time temperatures up in the mountains. However, the last two editions were hit with terrible weather and rain and during this year’s 5th edition the storm warnings were issued such that the UTMF course had to be shortened and the STY cancelled mid-race. The rain also had an impact on certain sections of the trails

After this year’s race, we as a Race Committee have re-considered the timing of the race from many perspectives. It was agreed that continuing to hold this race during the heavy rain season in September may result in the race being cancelled or shortened again. From an environmental point of view, it would also be difficult to reduce the impact on the trails if it rains. Given these factors, it was determined that the timing of the race should be changed back to the Spring season.
However, as we don’t have enough time to prepare, holding the race in 2017 is not a realistic option. Although we are disappointed by having to skip a year (2017), we will set our goals towards the Spring of 2018 and will start preparations with the new date in mind. The details about the dates, registration information, etc. will be officially announced on the race’s website as well as Facebook once we receive the cooperation and support from the appropriate people, organizations and the environmental groups.

I would like to apologize to all those who’ve started to prepare for next year’s race and have let down. However, we will be working very hard so that you can continue on this journey around Mt. Fuji in the spring of 2018.

Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Race Committee
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki

在来自世界各地的选手丶赞助商丶後援人员丶相关自治体和团体,以及义工们的支持下,Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji以Ultra-Trail World Tour成员的身份,发展成亚洲区内的国际越野跑赛事。







Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji实行委员会
实行委员长  镝木 毅 

在來自世界各地的選手、贊助商、後援人員、相關自治體和團體,以及義工們的支持下,Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji以Ultra-Trail World Tour成員的身份,發展成亞洲區內的國際越野跑賽事。







Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji實行委員會
實行委員長  鏑木 毅