Unfortunately, the UTMF2020 was cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19.
In 2020, however, you have the chance to complete your own 100-mile race!

The leader board will be created based on distances racers have run, but this is not a speed or distance competition.
Please complete your 100-mile (160-km) race at your own pace.

All finishers will receive a digital badge.
In addition, THE NORTH FACE and CITROËN goods will be given away by drawing from registered finishers.


Outline of the Virtual UTMF

– Race period : Monday, October 19 to Sunday, October 25, 2020
– The app to use : STRAVA  http://strava.com/challenges/virtualutmf2020
  (the challenge page will become available on Monday, October 12, 2020)
– Participation procedure :
  First register with STRAVA and then enter the Virtual UTMF Challenge.
  After registering with STRAVA, enter the Virtual UTMF challenge.
  During the challenge period, record your 160km run with a GPS device or
  STRAVA mobile app and publish it on STRAVA.
  Only activity with a public disclosure range of “Everyone” will be subject to the challenge.
– Finisher prize :
  1. Digital badge (all finishers)
  2. The right to purchase an actual badge (the same design as the digital badge)
  3. THE NORTH FACE goods (drawn from finishers who enter for the drawing)
  4. CITROËN goods (drawn from finishers who enter for the drawing)
– How to receive the finisher prize :
  All finishers will receive the digital badge in 1.
  To receive prizes 2 to 4, please register using the entry form that you will receive after you finish the race.
  *Entry eligibility: Finishers living in Japan
– Precautions :
  - Please run in areas where running or trail running is allowed.
  - Please refer to the official UTMF website for areas where practice run is allowed on the UTMF course.
   Please do not run outside of areas where practice runs are allowed.
  - Please avoid running under high-risk conditions such as running alone on a trail at night.
   Please let your family and friends know where you are going and your running plans especially if you will be running on trails.
  - Please practice good running etiquette on all roads and trails.
  - Please note that completing this challenge does not qualify you for the UTMF.
– Official UTMF Running Club : https://www.strava.com/clubs/ultratrailmtfuji